Neverending Story

Limahl would have approved.

Thought I could start fasting again on Friday… but noooo…

Thought I could start fasting again on Saturday…. again noooo…

FOR SUREΒ I would be able to fast on Sunday, right?


Assuming that I can fast tomorrow (Monday, 22nd Ramadhan 1437H), I am looking at replacing 9… yes, NINE days of fasting.


Add to that Shawal’s 6-day sunnah fast… I will be fasting 15 days in Shawal.

Good thing I am not one of those who believe in ‘Raya sebulan’.


It is kinda sad to see someone I love descend into madness. I saw that with my late brother but I couldn’t do anything about it.

It is now my former BFF who believes that a Tony Award-winning Broadway actor is in love with her. she actually believes that he will ask her to move in with him into his house in Hollywood Hills.

I mean…. seriously??!!


She asked God for tenderness, joy and grace and He sent her….
John Lloyd Young.

Her “Divine Gift”.

The reason why I no longer speak with my EX-BFF of 37 years is because of this very reason. I try to talk sense into her and she turns into this rude screaming beeyotch because I refuse to enable her unrealistic fantasies which affect her real life. Some nights she stays up crying because of him….and she is 46.


You heard me right.