Humble brag?

I was trawling through the FB page for the residential area where I live and read a woman’s ranting post about her curtains that she spent RM 80,000 on, bought from a popular neighbourhood interior design shop.

She went on and on about how shite the curtains were, how bad the installation work was (the entire thingamajig had fallen, railings and all from their wall-brackets)  yadda yadda yadda. Said post also came with a snapshot of the fallen curtains ~ simple, cream, plain chintz-y type material.

Her major beef was that she had called the shop ONCE but didn’t receive any reply, that’s why she wants to highlight how bad the after-sales service of the shop was. So many other of my fellow kampung-ites chimed in and said, she should call again.  They may have been busy when she called, citing their own experience with the shop being nothing but good. (I have good experience with the shop too, their good/products/service are pricey but they are very professional. The Burmese teak custom-made bed that I am lying on as I type this was made by their master carpenter. When one of the mattress supports broke several years back [don’t ask… *rolls eyes*] they sent the original carpenter who made the bed to come and repair it for me. )

The woman ranter/poster then replied, “I am not going to call again and again. As far as I am concerned, once is enough.”

Wah… arrogant nya kau.

Makes me wonder if her motive was just to herald to the world that she has curtains worth RM80k in her house. I know people who have RM110k worth of curtains in their home, tak ada pulak nak gebang.

At any rate, apa punya bangang lah nak install curtains that expensive in one’s home when one can get absolutely similar ones for a minor fraction of the cost from places like Nilai or Tangkak? Susahlah sikit to drive all the way to these jin berdisco places but why not if one can save tens of thousands of ringgit? Lecehlah jugak when things need to be resewn/repaired but.. hel-lo… TENS of thousands of ringgit saved compared to the minor inconvenience of driving out of the city?

Belen nouveau-riche kot. T___T



Last night I had a bad dream.

It wasn’t scary or of the horror movie variety… but all I could remember there was a very sinister vibe to it.

I remember covering my face with my hands and crying.

Next thing I knew, a calm voice in my ear.. “I am here.. I’m here… Ssshhh don’t cry,” his warm hand rubbing my back.

Things haven’t been easy lately but right at that moment I felt blessed and deeply thankful for … everything.

To The Nth

I can’t actually count how many Moyan Rooms I have across the innernutz.  I cannot even remember their URLs much less the password to enter said ‘moyan rooms’, so I create another one here.

Not doing the usual tai-tai (la sangaaat) thing of sleeping in anymore. Up after Fajr and ready to take on the day ever since I started going back to Uni. It’s an exciting and exhilarating feeling, to be learning once again.  The grey matter and ‘retention ability’ are not what they used to be… but hey, it shouldn’t stop me from doing what I have always wanted to do — learn and master another language thoroughly.

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