Ya, bertebaranlah cari rezeki… bukan bertebaran cari bola golf, ya? ūüėĎ

Budak kampung lembut ni pun tau what’s what…



The sublime  R e z a   R a h a d i a n   M a t u l e s s y
The more the merrier? ūüėČ


Been ¬†watching ¬†his ¬†movies ¬†nonstop ¬†for ¬†the ¬†past ¬†several ¬†days, ¬†starting with “S u r g a ¬† Y a n g ¬† T a k ¬† D i r i n d u k an ¬† 2” at the bioskop ūüėČ

Unlike my BFF of yonks who thinks she has a chance with a¬†Tony Award-winning Broadway actor (who has a lot of time for his fans, admittedly), this realist knows that even though the probability that R e z a¬†¬†plays on the other team and rides the Hershey Highway is almost certain… it doesn’t make a bleddy difference. As covetable as he is, we might as well be living on different planets ~ his world and mine… never the twain shall meet. He’s just a dream. ¬†A fantasy. ¬†An¬†escape.

My mental  escape.

My escape from all that beleaguer and weigh me down. An escape from what IS to what I wish things WERE.

I am just so T-I-R-E-D¬† of the way things are now. ¬†The way things are going, I don’t think there is any change in sight and the prospect of that weighs me down like no other.

So I escape into the virtual arms of this talented, insightful, sensitive, intense man… whose immense talent allows him to play a myriad of vastly different roles to the hilt, like no one else can. A consummate actor whose dark good looks don’t exactly make it difficult to glue my eyes to screen, either ūüėÖ

I want my own ¬†Dr. ¬†S y a r i e f. ¬†I don’t want to have to dumb down anymore.

**pics are from the @official p i l a r e z  IG account.