We are living in such a graceless society. Not many people have the grace or the willingness to return a good gesture even with a simple thoughtful message.

IMHO, dealing with people with humility, appreciation and grace is a sign of class, of good upbringing.

Then again, what was I expecting?



To The Nth

I can’t actually count how many Moyan Rooms I have across the innernutz.  I cannot even remember their URLs much less the password to enter said ‘moyan rooms’, so I create another one here.

Not doing the usual tai-tai (la sangaaat) thing of sleeping in anymore. Up after Fajr and ready to take on the day ever since I started going back to Uni. It’s an exciting and exhilarating feeling, to be learning once again.  The grey matter and ‘retention ability’ are not what they used to be… but hey, it shouldn’t stop me from doing what I have always wanted to do — learn and master another language thoroughly.

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